Lonely Bird - Marietta Fafouti feat. Tareq

Musou Records proudly presents Marietta Fafouti 's latest single,
Lonely Bird
Α dreamy, soul-soothing tune that is bound to put a smile on your face
and fill your heart with hope...
  • Lonely Bird - Marietta Fafouti feat. Tareq
Written and Produced by Marietta Fafouti / mariettafafouti.com
Singers: Marietta Fafouti & Tareq
Mixed and Mastered by Thodoris Zefkilis
Recorded and Mixed at Musou Studios

Guitars-Bass: Dimitris Siampos
Mandolin-Ukelele: Maria Karetsou
Drums: Renos Papastavros
Piano: Marietta Fafouti
Artwork: Constantine Belias

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℗+©2015 Musou Music Group

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-Lonely bird
Where 's you mom?
Are you lost or are you feeling sad?

Lonely bird
Where's you' re home?
I can help you find who you are

-Lovely bird
I lost my wings
I can't fly now and I'm in tears

All other birds flew away
and it's cold outside and I am scared

Bird... Bird... Lonely lonely lonely bird...

-Lovely bird
You're so kind
You just made my day with your smile

Lovely bird
You're so bright
Next to you my heart is full of light

-Lonely bird
Here I am
Was so hard t o find you
But I tried

Take my wings
They are strong
Now you'll fly much higher
Than before

Bird... Bird... Lonely lonely lonely bird...

Fly! Fly!
Lonely lonely lonely bird...
High! High!
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