Music Composition & Production.

Musou’s Music Production department composes and produces the highest quality music for
use in radio, TV commercials, film, and digital media. 
At Musou Music Production, we believe in the power of music and sound, its significant role in every ad,
TV, or film production, and its contribution to the success of any audiovisual project.
Our goal is to create the ideal music composition and offer exceptional sound design for every single
project we take on. Our multi-award winning team of in-house composers and sound designers,
is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to your project’s music and sound related needs,
and ensuring the best possible result. 
It is our team’s vast experience across a wide range of ad and film productions, combined with our
passion for music, and our cutting-edge technological equipment that has made
Musou one of the leading music production companies in Greece.
Our Production department has been working closely with the biggest production studios and ad agencies,
both in Greece and abroad, including world-class companies such as McCann Erikson, J. Walter Thompson,
Bold Ogilvy & Mathers, Boo Productions, Stefi & Lynx Productions, Top Cut Modiano, and many more.

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