Erre Due "War"

Music Composition & Production, Studio
Project Details

Client: Erre Due

Date: 6 February 2017

Composer: Renos Papastavros

Sound Design: Nikos Tsines & Renos Papastavros

About Project
Crank it right up for this one - this fabulous showdown is scored by the master of fierce beats and catchy hooks, Renos Papastavros. Signed, sealed, delivered by Musou Music Group.

Composed by Renos Papastavros
Sound Design by Renos Papastavros & Nikos Tsines

Client: Erre Due
Les Concept: Nikolas Kouloglou
Directed by: Danny & Loco
DOP: Simos Sarketzis
Art Director: Alexandra Kostakis
Editing & Color Grading: Panos Kallitsis
Production Manager: Amie Makris
Shot on: Arri Mini

℗+©2017 Musou Music Group

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