Nescafe Classic "Reverse"

Music Composition & Production, Studio
Project Details

Client: Nestle

Date: 19 March 2015

Style: Music composition and sound Design

Sound designer: Renos Papastavros / Nikos Tsines

About Project
Big decisions are made over a hot cup of Nescafe. Big TVC soundtracks are made right here at Musou, by Renos Papastavros and Nikos Tsines.

Original music and Sound Design for the new Nescafe Classic TVC

Composed and produced by Renos Papastavros / Cello: Aris Zervas / Violin: Orestis Mavropoulos
Sound design by Nikos Tsines

Ad Agency: Publicis / Production Company: Magikon / Executive Producer: Ntina Sakkadaki
Producer: Savas Houliaras / Directors: Vaggelis Limperopoulos / Director Of Photography: Thimios Bakatakis
Art Director: Kostas Pappas / Tabletop Cinematography: Spyros Zervos / Post Production Supervisor: Alexis Parashos
Editor: Giannis Sakaridis / Flame Artist: Evi Solomonidou

℗+©2015 Musou Music Group

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