Heron "Simply The Best"

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Project Details

Client: Heron

Date: 5 June 2019

About Project
Two mega pop classics go head to head in a robust dance off for Heron's spectacularly electrifying new visual

Sound design and music licensing by Musou Music Group

Client: Heron
Agency: Cream+Rascal
Production House: Parasol
Producers: Klimis Asikoglou, Marina Tsopouroglou
Directors: Danny&Loco
Cinematography: Michael Paleodimos
Edit: Smaro Papaevaggelou
Styling: Dimitri Papathomas
Set Design: Antonello Rubino
Color Grading: Karim Mira
3D animation: Georgios Papaioannou (frameworks)
Additional VFX & Motion Design: Rascal

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