KEAN Juice "Fruits"

Music Composition & Production, Studio
Project Details

Client: KEAN

Date: 4 May 2017

Composer: Renos Papastavros

Sound Design: Renos Papastavros & Dimitris Batzios

About Project
The wonderful people at Ogilvy Pandora teamed up with the wizzards of visuals at Yell to create two fresh TV commercials for KEAN Juices. Our own auditory geniuses, Renos Papastavros and Dimitris Batzios, unapologetically nailed the music and sound design giving the final touch to the magic that is KEAN juices new stunning TVCs

Original music by Renos Papastavros
Sound design by Renos Papastavros & Dimmitris Batzios
Client : KEAN
Agency : Ogilvy Pandora
Head Of Account Management : Elias Arvanitis
Creative: Elias Moustakeas
Copy: Konstantina Delliimitrou
Production : YELL
Animation : YELL
Direction : Tony Zagoraios
3D Supervisor : Costas Fatsis
Art Direction: Tony Zagoraios, Till Noon
Graphic Design : Till Noon
Motion Design: Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris, Melvin Le Riboter, Tony Zagoraios
Cel Animation: Chris Papandreopoulos, Ilias Kontonikolas
3D Modelling : Renos Kontaris

℗+©2017 Musou Music Group

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